In 2014, after 7 years of globe trotting, we arrived home to the UK, two children in tow (which we didn’t have when we set off).  In those seven years I learned:

  1. The UK is a wonderful place with generally good drivers.
  2. To never underestimate the joy of a comprehensive sewage system.
  3.  That you can find Asda-brand biscuits in the most remote of supermarkets in Islamabad.

However, we’re now back in sunny St Albans, and determined to treat our life here as you would as an ex-pat.  No invitation will be refused.  No fun day will be shirked, and open day at the Fire Station will be marked in bold on the calendar.

Here is life in the UK with two small children (3 and 5) writ large (or in font 12).

ps: The title of this blog comes from a question that Son 1 asked one day.  He’d already asked about 20 questions. I didn’t know the answer.  I still don’t. 


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